Who is portia derossi dating

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Of course, years later, Portia would finally come out and eventually start dating De Generes.And now she's no longer afraid to flaunt her love for Ellen.

“I just wanted to try something different.” Ellen De Generes took to Twitter to praise her wife de Rossi’s performance on the Washington, D."I love her so much it kills me," the TV host says of her wife of nearly six years.Married since August 2008, De Generes, 56, and de Rossi, 41, have recently been subjected to split rumors.years, though her eating disorder may have not stood out next to the other strikingly thin women on the show like Calista Flockhart (who got a lot of flack for her lithe frame) and Courtney Thorne-Smith (who admitted that she felt intense pressure to be thin while working on the show)."It took a long, long time for me to think I had a problem," Portia told ."I was around 90 pounds and I remember feeling very afraid of food every night...

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