Validating form with php

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Adding HTML5 validation to the checkbox is actually very simple.

In fact, most of the PHP code for creating and validating forms has remained unchanged in this new major version release. The most significant enhancement is the integration with Bootstrap - a front-end framework from Twitter.

Another enhancement in version 3.x is the addition of 13 HTML5 elements, which you can check out in our HTML5 example.

HTML5 form elements and attributes improve your form's usability - especially on tablets and smartphones where data is entered with virtual keyboards.

Here are a few more differences between PFBC 3.x and 2.x to be aware of if you're planning on upgrading.

Before writing any code, you'll first need to download the latest version of PFBC, extract the contents of the zip file, and upload the PFBC directory within the document root of your web server.

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