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Our 5.9 - 6.7L Cummins cams are available in 6 stages. This cam delivers the strongest mid-range torque and H.

We are always willing to customize alternative grinds as well. P possible, but still has good bottom end and drivability.

It’s a camera you can control manually and it even has a special high speed shutter mode for all but eliminating rolling shutter artefacts. No problem, the maximum frame rate is 960fps (although I suspect that the image quality drops at the higher frame rates).

It’s still very small and very compact, it’s also waterproof and has a high degree of shock proofing.

I can see myself using this as a time lapse camera or in a VR rig.

Here is a common question among LS engine enthusiasts: My buddy, Joe, just bought a new cam for his 6.0L and wants to get rid of his factory LQ9 cam. We wrestled with valvesprings, cams sensors, and differing bolt patterns to get all these cams into the engine and on the pump. The 5.3L used for testing was bone stock, which required at least a valvespring upgrade for the high-lift LS9 and LS7 cams.

Next issue on the list was the fact that the LS3 and LSA cams were single-bolt that required a front cover equipped to accept a front cam sensor.

This presents a problem as they tend not to be very light sensitive.

It can shoot in 4K, it can even record using S-Log2 to capture a greater dynamic range so it may turn out to be a great mini-cam for HDR productions (although how big that dynamic range is is not clear at this time).

I wish I had some of these for the HDR shoots I did at the beginning of the year.

Our tappets have maximum crown for the best rotation on break in -- exclusive to Colt Cams!

Most oil companies have taken out a percentage of additives that are meant for anti-scuffing for break in on flat tappet cams, so please ask your local auto parts professional for the best zinc additive they have and add it to your oil before you fire up your engine for the first time.

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