Tom everett scott dating

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He had fallen on hard times and was living in a cheap rented house in Los Angeles, but he kept insisting how happy and healthy he was.

'We spent three whole days together, and I have analysed them and played them back in my mind over and over again. I remember thinking that he looked suddenly older and feeling really sad because he was struggling for money.

'I remember that I had just learned how to drive, and he was really upset that he couldn't afford to buy me my first car.

'Mum used to be a dancer, and she was only 19 when she met my father, who was in his late 30s - so she enjoyed going out on the town with Kenny while Dad stayed at home working.

I remember picking up the newspaper once when I was seven, and seeing a picture of Mum draped around Kenny.

He says, 'Our family home, a large house in Hampstead, was sold to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

I remember being told that "someone who eats bats" was buying it.' Both his parents remarried and went on to have other children with their new spouses.

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