Sophos updating could not contact server

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Unfortunately SUM only supports SAV8 and does not support SAV9.

SAV8 is being discontinued in April 2014 and does not officially support Mavericks.

Good spot, it does get us closer but that mpkg does not contain the pre-configured auto-update settings.

Therefore if you use it on a fresh Mac or one on which you have cleaned out the previous installs preferences it does not know how to auto-update.

It is therefore urgent to move all Macs to SAV9 by April 2014.

If you have no Windows Server, and can no longer use SUM, this leaves two more possibilities, first you could use the standalone SAV9 installer.

Other than Sophos Enterprise Console has anyone else found a solution to let you mass deploy SAV9?

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This means we can supplement the normal UNC share with an IIS web site.This is fine for clients updating from a local SUM but clients located at the other end of a slow link is a problem.Using a UNC share means that the clients will use Server Message Block (SMB) aka Common Internet File System (CIFS) The big problem with CIFS is that it is very chatty and does not like latency, both of which is a problem on a slow WAN link.This does let you manage via the Cloud your Macs, it does let your Macs directly update from Sophos, but a) the website for Sophos Cloud is not 100% Safari friendly, and much more importantly b) the installer it produces is yet again an application and not an installer package!The only approach that gives you a proper installer package is via Sophos Enterprise Console running on a Windows server.

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