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The Dothan Boat Club still exists at the lake and provides a clubhouse, beach and boating activities to its members.A few seasons of early frost killed off both the Satsuma groves and the Tung Oil nut industry, and Compass Lake slid quietly back into hill-country anonymity.Because much of the surrounding pine forests were owned by the German-American Lumber Company, the property was confiscated during WWI, and the US Government cut most of the timber.Next, farming interests planted Satsuma orange groves and branched out into Tung Oil nut trees.Business boomed and the settlement at Compass Lake attracted workers who built modest homes.The lake regularly attracted fishermen and boaters from as far away as Dothan, AL.Compass Lake is an all-sports lake, offering water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, pontooning, power boating, sailing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking and swimming.In keeping with its reputation as a boating lake, a restaurant along the shore is accessible by boat.

Two well-known attractions near Chipley, Falling Waters State Park and Caverns State Park, both display in spectacular fashion the effect of eons of water flowing across the ancient limestone.

Although once surrounded by the seasonal cottages of working-class residents, Compass Lake residents have seen a major increase in the remodeling or outright replacement of those modest cottages with more expensive housing.

The lakefront is still mostly residential single-family homes, but a very few apartment complexes now exist in the neighborhood.

Often overlooked as a Florida vacation destination, crystal-clear Compass Lake in the Panhandle-West region is far removed from the hectic recreational activities of the better-known peninsula.

One of a number of natural sinkhole lakes, 581-acre Compass lake sits atop a limestone ridge, one of several underlying the Florida landscape.

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