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She has also been a feature reporter and contributor to CBS-TV's Morning Show, WCBS-TV News, WABC-TV News, WPIX-TV and LIFETIME, covering issues in mental health, lifestyles, entertainment and the psychological aspects of economic and political trends.She has hosted live satellite broadcasts for JCPenney's "Golden Rule Network" as well as specials like Group W's "No Secrets" and "Teens and AIDS." She co-hosted "Total Wellness for Women," a popular TV show aired in markets in the south, and is sought after for commentary by many news organizations and features from E! A representative to the United Nations for the International Association of Applied Psychology and the World Council for Psychotherapy, I am a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and lead peace workshops worldwide from India to Israel to Iran. Judy Kuriansky is a world renowned radio advice host, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, popular lecturer, newspaper columnist, and author of many books. As the author of many relationship books and journal articles, I have also provided psychological first aid after bombings in Jerusalem; SARS, in China; the tsunami, in Asia, and after 9/11 in the USA.

She has also hosted many events, including the launch of MTV's Singled Out cross-country bus tour; Volunteer Recognition Programs for New York Cares, sponsored by Dewars; and singles events for Time Out Magazine and a joint project of Details magazine, Calvin Klein Menswear and Bloomingdales stores. Judy is past president of the American Women in Radio and TV's New York chapter and on the National Board for ten years.Malioboro is owned by the guy (a General in the Indonesian army if the legend is true) who owns Stadium.It means there is no rules that apply once you're inside, if you have the money.There are girls litterally everywhere, most of them half naked or stripping.Lots of clients too and I did see a few foreigners.

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