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Just like the variety of avatars you can create, there's a room for everyone. That being said, discrimination is, of course, a no-no in IMVU.

It doesn't matter what your gender identity is, you have a place in the community.

In this virtual world, you are encouraged to be your best virtual self.You are free to choose a character that is right for you without worrying about being alone.With so many active users, you'll certainly find a clique to hang out with and be able to socialize to your heart's desire.After you've mastered the art of using Stickers, you can then proceed to making your own Furniture, 3D Rooms and even games scripted using Flash. You'll find a room seemingly made just for you and plenty of people across the globe to role play with.In IMVU, you can be as incognito or flashy as the Kardashians. Although you can chat about anything from the weather to politics, you can also put your characters to good use and participate in role playing sessions. It's important to note that each room has their own set of rules, though there are some general ones to observe so as not to spoil the fun for others.

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