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I heard laughter coming from the webcam, which told me she had company at her end.

I was giving a strip show for her friends, well what the hell, I was at home safe and sound, no problems."Very nice, little Nancy, I can call you namcy? To which I replied, "of course, Mistress"."My friends and I would love a little toy to play with tonight, would you like to be our sex slave for the night?

I enjoyed nothing more then getting my ass raped, by a strap-on, or a real cock.

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"Your next door neighbour's a very nosey woman," one of the men said.

"she's watching your every move." One of my captives gripped my cock and waved it, presumably at my neighbour.

"oh, she's clapping you" he said, he gave my cock another wave.

" "No, Sir" said my companian, "sorry Sir." "What you sorry for, if you've done nothing, have you been playing with yourself?

Answer me, or we'll beat it out of you." "Yes Sir, sorry Sir, I have been rubbing myself, he looks so delicious bound to the chair." "True," replied the other guy, "but you know the rules, I shall have to report it to the Mistress." "Yes Sir, thank you, Sir" mumbled my companion.

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