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To say something so prevalent doesn't exist with such a simple conclusion doesn't seem right. Using social media as my guide along as well as a few crowdsourcing resources, I asked 38 married men and women, aged 24 to 60, if they married their type.

More than two-thirds of participants did marry what they considered their type when surveying the singles landscape.

It started out as just dark hair and tattoos, musician a plus.

While the compromising we do will always be subjective and alter from person to person, having a type isn't redundant.

She was brunette, had dark, exotic features and dressed like Nicole Richie after the first season of The Simple Life.

Then, ideally, she'd have tattoos and a career in a creative field.

In all likelihood, people with the same or similar degrees are more likely to find themselves in the same vicinity.

Still, if you’re, say, an architect looking for love, you might want to consider hanging around your local art gallery.

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