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Cloud's other trademark weapon is a set of Fusion Swords, which he uses in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.The set consists of six individual interconnecting swords that form a larger sword similar in shape and size to the Buster Sword.

The costume can be obtained as DLC in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

An arrogant and proud swordsman at first, Cloud introduces himself as a former member of an elite warrior unit called SOLDIER who has turned mercenary, and uninterested in anything beyond his hired task at hand.

He later discovers the truth about his past and, with the help of his friends, learns there is more to being a hero than possessing physical strength and fame, developing compassion for the world and people he fights to protect.

Cloud simultaneously denies his true self, yet longs for an identity.

When his reality shatters due to Sephiroth's revelations, he even goes so far as to accept the identity of a Sephiroth Clone and begs for Professor Hojo to number him.

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