Leftist dating

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The Guardian writes about it with excitement: This week, OKComrade has been the highlight of my Facebook feed.

The page, and its sister Twitter account, describe themselves as a dating service for "socialists, communists, and anarchists wherever they might be", and ads ranging from the jokey to the endearingly earnest have been pouring in.

If he does however, I'd like to remind him that the Party will accept it's most equal fair share in the form of cash, checks or major credit cards.

Oh and I'd like to remind his clients that their CPUSA and Democrat Party membership cards are good for a 10% discount at all participating Planned Parenthood clinics.

A “covert leftist” pretending to be right-wing in order to sex up a Trump supporter seems like a pretty unlikely scenario.

Men, women, transgendered, polygendered, crossgendered and nongendered as well as circus clowns, farm animals or current or former dictators. May I suggest a collection of comrade-oriented pickup lines we have developed at the Cube for the modern collectivist foreplay?

- They say I have animal attraction because I'm attracted to animals.- Do you dance?

Until OKcomrade gets it's own website, lovelorn Cubists are encouraged to visit Blur Brain and checkout a number potential mates.

Why this would take on a whole other aspect opening previously hidden vistas. This is definitely a "Life imitates the People's Cube" moment.

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