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I was a dance student at USF and always wanted me to do back-up for the shows, but not having a car back then made it impossible to get to rehearsals. I remember going to your store on Kennedy and buying all my gay needs there, from cards to lube, gifts to who knows what else. Lots of love, Carlos Milan Castle, The Located in Ybor. We think this was the first in a long chain of clubs. An older crowd but had disco dancing Club 3 Bar in Dunedin. There was a code the bars had if they knew of an upcoming police raid. station was on valentines day 1997 the bar reopened for a short while that fall and closed for good early the next spring.

Thank you for bringing such wonderful memories to mind. MC Film & Manny did a Billy Doll coming out party here. Chaps Was a country western bar originally located in Pinellas Park on 49th Street. “Coppa”, “Spectrum,” “The Saint”, “Benders”, “Club de Nile” Cherokee Club Located at 1320 E 9th Ave in Ybor. Changed to 1470 Club 2606 In 1988 it changes owners & became “2606” that it is today. The bartenders said, ” Miss Kennedy was on the way.” This was in reference to what some thought President Kennedy might be gay and was the gay reference to being raided. Grand Central Station Located at 2612 central Ave., St. Today it’s called “Pulse” Gus N’ Lil’s Owned by the original owners of “Knotty Pine” on Henderson. Dwayne Impressions Dance club Impulse (Same name two different Clubs & owners years apart.) Originally located on the first floor of “Spurs” in Ybor.

************ I wanted to add to your answer on the Trivia … The KIKIKI wins moved 3 times & open one satellite in St. Chaps, Copa, Spectrum, The Saint, Benders, Club de Nile What was the code word bartenders used at the gay bars for a possible police raid?

How are organizations striking the balance between new initiatives and cost control?Anything from 2002 to the time it closed in 2004, ask Steve Donahue as I was already living in Denver and he used to tell us of some of the stofries from when he was the Promoter for Chrome Chatr with ya soon!! “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” What Performer has performed at the most Gay or Lesbian Clubs in Florida? G’s(WPB), BJ’s, Bleachers (WPB), Blue Jeans, Blue Lagoon, Bobbie V’s, Bo’s Coral Reef (Jacksonville), Borders, Bottom Line (Fort Meyer), BT’s, Cellar Pub (Homosassa), Cherokee Club, Cherry Grove(Miami), Cheshire Cat, Christopher Street (Sarasota), City Lights, Club Chada (Sarasota), Club Caribbean,(Fort Lauderdale), Connection(Ocala), Copa (Tampa), Cove, David’s, Detours ( St.Pete), Dockside, Donnie’s club 422, Donnie’s Club International, Donnie’s Tropical Restaurant and Bar 801(key west) 1470 West, 5101(wpb), 416 (Key West), Flamingo, Flirt Night Club & Show Bar ( Ybor), Foolish Beat, Frankley Scarlett (Fort Walton), Full Moon Saloon, Garbo’s (Delray beach), Gold Coast Bar(Fort Lauderdale), Grand Central Station, Inn Exile(wpb), Katzz, K&E (WPB), Keith’s, Kevin’s Cabaret(wpb), Kim’s Club, Kodiak Pub(Orlando), Kozlow’s Libation’s (Fort Lauderdale), Lighted Tree, Lost and Found, Lu’Lu’Place (Delray Beach), Lovey’s Pub (Holiday), Malibu’s (WPB), Melody Club (Gainesville), MC Film, Ms Behavin (WPB), Nautico, New Connection, Northside, Oar House, Oasis, Paradise Parliament House, Pepper Tree, Pepperz, Phil’s Place Camp Ground(Reddick), Partners (St.Example: See what Brian & Horst wrote about “The Wedgewood” We will then post everything on Please send your memories, additions & corrections to [email protected] YOU The Knotty Pine – Tampa 1940’s All this information is just for fun. When collecting the info we talked with friends, club patrons, bartenders, club owners.

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