How big is the internet dating market

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We have the travel, food delivery and online retail industries to thank for this positive shift in consumer mind sets.People are now very comfortable paying out larger sums through mobile channels for luxury goods and services, including dating.So, while the dating industry continues to flourish, I predict that we will start to see the number of dating platforms decrease over the next year.Excelling in the Saturated Dating Market The online dating industry is brutally competitive.

Online dating has been around for more than 20 years - meeting a partner online is not a new concept.Popularity doesn’t necessarily equal success – businesses need to be based on a viable model or commercial proposition if they are going to stick around.Premium Price Models in Digital Business People are ever more willing to make larger online purchases via their mobile phones.This is why all dating sites and supporting apps must be able to scale; first, to give users the best possible experience by providing enough matches and second, to be sustainable as businesses – small players will never be able to keep up with competition.Consolidation benefits consumers, dating companies and investors.

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