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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You and Cameron were my two favorites! I hate to use excuses, but I wish I would have gotten a different song.

I was super excited when I first heard that was the song because I love Taylor Swift, like she’s one of my favorites.

But I felt like if I would have had a different song, I would have had a better shot at being on the same level. I think it’s kinda funny though: The way they portray it on the show it’s kinda like I’m a crazy fangirl that’s just absolutely in love with him. Let it be known that Damian Mc Ginty had feelings for this awesome ginger.

Honestly, watching it back, I get why Ryan sent me home. He totally admitted to liking me back on camera at one point.

I was kinda surprised though, because all along it’s been who he can write for, who is best for the show. You are the show.” The only critique I got was I needed to seem more confident and see myself in a better light.

I was kinda surprised when he was like, “When it comes down to it, it’s about talent.” So well I guess that’s different.

Once there, he meets a young boy, named Damian Mc Ginty and they are both attracted to each other. Or a TV show went off air before two people met to work on it together?She’d always kept it locked inside her, hidden from the world, hidden behind a beautiful masquerade.A Glee/The Glee Project fanfiction about Lindsay Pearce's experience at Mc Kinley High School with all the drama of Glee club, cheerios, being popular, friends, relationships and -of course- love.But when I got in the rehearsal room and I started singing through it, I felt like it didn’t really show off my voice. I knew that Sam and Lindsay had stronger voices technically speaking. We’re still really close and he’s going to be one of my best friends forever. I’m done with the show so I’m not holding anything back now.

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