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Of course it doesn't hurt her athletics to be somewhat of a tomboyish type of girl.

Though short in stature, she is nonetheless a beautiful young woman. She has always been seen with a butch hair style that was very appealing to her personality.

He gets aroused too easily and so out of embarrassment he would hide it under a desk or lie on his stomach to conceal it from his friends. Reggie Mantle - It's said that there's a rotten apple in every barrel. First off, he's devilishly handsome, and he'll be the first person to tell you that...and over and over again.

Well, in Riverdale High's barrel, that certain apple just so happens to be the seventeen year old Reggie Mantle. Secondly, he's extremely talented when it comes to sports which makes him a natural babe magnet.

And beautiful with a personality that's sweeter than honey.

Betty is very athletic minded and her sexy body shows it with every curve.

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