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What you get the with the Nest Cam Indoor, you’ll also get as a baseline with the other two cameras as well.

So let’s just run through what that entails very, very quickly.

The Nest Cam Indoor shoots super crisp 1080p footage and has a 130 degree wide-angle field of view, which allows you to capture entire rooms and even a little more.

You also get pretty impressive night vision – the camera can even tell the difference between a flashlight and sunlight.

Okay, that’s the extremely short version of what you get with the Nest Cam Indoor, but what about any differences? Meanwhile the Nest Cam IQ retails for a whopping 9, although we have see it as low as 0 before. And just for reference the Indoor retails for the same price as the Outdoor, which we will get to in a minute.

Another minor advantage the Indoor has over the IQ has to do with mounting.

So that means it can handle temperatures from -4F to 104F.

Still, it’s a solid security camera all things considered.

Before we begin, let me just preface this buyer guide with one thing.

We have posted a full Nest Cam review for all the different cameras so if you want the nitty-gritty details be sure to check out the individual reviews.

So you basically get the Nest Cam Indoor but it adds two really neat features.

First, while it streams at 1080p like the Indoor, the Cam IQ actually has a 4K sensor so when you zoom in while looking at the footage, you don’t lose any clarity in the video, which is big time.

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