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Ecclesiastically speaking, Nuremberg belonged first to the Bishopric of Eichstätt, and from 1015 to that of Bamberg.In place of the oldest chapel in Nuremberg, the Peterskapelle , a church was consecrated in 1070 to St.Frequent fights took place with the burggraves without, however, inflicting lasting damage upon the city.After the castle had been destroyed by fire in 1420 during a feud between Count Frederick (since 1417 Margrave of Brandenburg ) and the Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, the ruins and the forest belonging to the castle were purchased by the city (1427), which thereby became master of all that lay within its boundaries.

The privileges of this castellanship were transferred to the city during the last years of the fourteenth, and the first years of the fifteenth centuries.(NÜRNBERG) The second largest city in Bavaria, situated in a plain on both sides of the river Pegnitz.Of uncertain Origin, it is first mentioned as Noremberc in a document issued by Emperor Henry III at a diet held in the town.Charles IV conferred upon it the right to conclude alliances independently, thereby placing it upon a politically equal footing with the princes of the empire.The city protected itself from hostile attacks by a wall and successfully defended its extensive trade against the barons.

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