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Mc Caul added: "One of the problems we see is that most of the insurance companies are based in England, and do not understand the way the Scottish flat system works.They are used to insuring all the building, and expect to do so with each individual application in Scotland.But that is not necessary, and flat owners should not pay it." Ian Crowder, of the AA, agreed that some insurers are reluctant to insure Scottish flats unless they protect the entire building.He said: "Some are reluctant to insure flats individually because of uncertainty regarding responsibility for shared areas and difficulties resolving claims that impact on all flats within the block, such as subsidence."Colin Connor, underwriting manager for Aviva, added: "The premiums can often be higher because the claims process can be more protracted and expensive, involving negotiations with a range of different insurers." Worries that your building might catch fire, without adequate insurance, are indeed the stuff of nightmares.The conversation soon moved on to the young women fleeing this country into the arms of Isil, which is when she confessed her sympathies: “Feeling marginalised does not of course justify acts of terrorism.But what I do understand is the desperate search to find a place where you belong – the human desire to be listened to is incredibly strong.” Her sympathies reveal a truth that needs confronting urgently.Melanie Smith, a research associate at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, at King’s College London, has revealed these women’s less benign role and has collated the only known register of Western female recruits.Exact figures are unknown, but in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anti- Islamisation marches in Germany, she has found that the number of young European women being recruited is on the up.

But we have overlooked these vulnerable British girls for too long, writing them off while we focus on their ostensibly more violent brothers.

However, owners do so without any guarantee that their neighbours are responsibly buying any cover for their share of the property.

If the building burns down and not all the owners have insurance, the claim can soon grind to a halt.

Bad enough in itself, but infuriating when you discover your neighbours have no insurance.

Alternatively, renovations to flats above or below, particularly if walls are moved, could cause settlement, leading to cracks in your property.

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