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It felt too soon and too not serious to share this kind of information. Rather than confuse things with the old hokey pokey (is she in? ‘It’s not that I want to keep it a secret, but it feels incredibly personal, and it’s not the kind of thing that feels like it needs to be said on the first date.

I’m always worried about giving someone the power to react to it.

Respect their response Your partner may wish to support you, so think about what might work best for you ahead of time. Remember, mental illness doesn’t define you ‘Labels like are an umbrella term – a word that encompasses a multiplicity of experiences which can present themselves differently from person to person.Telling someone you’ve just started dating that you suffer with a mental illness can be terrifying.It is an incredibly brave thing to do and no matter when you decide to share this part of yourself with someone else, you should be tremendously proud. It is becoming very common for women to out-earn the men, in their dating pool.These days, many lazy broke ass men will come at you for your money. They pick the finest restaurants and clubs with the choicest wine for dates and hounds you for a night at the best hotel in town.

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