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From until the solidus now commonly referred to as a forward slash was used.

The bottom stamps shown here generally provide for time spans. – Zippo Manufacturing Co., maker of the world-famous windproof pocket lighter, marks its 80th anniversary in January with a series of limited edition lighters and a four ounce can of genuine Zippo lighter fluid.On the image below we can clearly see that there are four dots, either side of the word Zippo. In July the line symbols were discontinued and the lighters were then identified by a series of lighter dating chart numerals.Originally this was intended as a quality control record, so that lighters dating chart returned for repair could be identified as to when they were manufactured and if, for example, a number of lighters were returned with the same fault then Zippo could identify a possible defect in the manufacturing process or even a supplier of one of the components.“Since 1932, this company has been steadfast in regard to one principle that was laid down by our founder, George G.Blaisdell – ‘build your product with integrity, stand behind it 100 percent, and success will follow’,” said Greg Booth, Zippo president and CEO.

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