Dating profile with penis size Sex kizlar

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You'll find tips on navigating a big one here and you might well need them if he's anything like this guy!'I had the unusual situation of sleeping with a man who was really undersized and then one who was huge,' one woman I interviewed for one of my books told me.'The small guy was by far the better lover.You could also trot out the 'Its not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean'/'It's not what you've got, it's how you use it' line.Add 'And you're a brilliant lover' on the end and you might never have to have that conversation again.Put a pillow beneath your bottom to make things tighter during intercourse and let him know you find it hard to penetrate purely through penetration (only 20-25 per cent of women can manage it).Tell him what he does with his tongue is way more important to you – and he's the best at oral sex you've ever had.

Grab him by the penis and lead him into the bedroom: it's sexy and he thinks it must be big if she (or he, if you're gay) can do that.

He'll just think you're being sarcastic and will feel even worse.

What he's looking for is reassurance that you're OK with it, not affirmation of his worst fears.

I haven't got much to compare it to.'Or try to fob it off with a vague 'I honestly don't know if it's big or small and don't really care – all I know is it feels good.'If not, be logical.

Tell him you're really not concerned with his size: how he treats you as a lover is far more important.

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