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696 Stephens’ Blue Black Writing For Every Make of Pen. Clear glass approx pint size ink bottle with original black and white label and cork stopper.All that remains in the bottles is a bit of blue-black ink dust, the ink has evaporated. Minor bits of rust showing on the high points of the lids. There are two small tears at the top corners of label and light black ink stain in top right corner of the label.Very good label has just a smidge of blue ink stain on back lower edge.The black stopper is embossed in bright red: Chas, M. Bottle measures 2 1/8 in diameter and is 3 in in height. Original box included, top flap present but detached, box is evenly faded, beautiful illustrations on all sides. I1638 Weber Drawing Ink Bottle - This vintage 1920s bottle has one of the most elegant labels I've seen.Brown cardboard cylinder is in very good condition as is all of the tin with exception of the lid which shows a lot of patina. These came to us in the large box pictured which originally held 24 bottles.Overall very good condition and an unusual Sanford's Tin. Clear glass oval shaped bottles have a black metal screw on lid.The Sanford's Xit logo and markings are on three sides, one side has lengthy and detailed instructions along with warnings for using on paper or cloth.No matter which brand of ink eraser or eradicator, it always came with a lot of warnings!

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Base of bottle is embossed: Hunt Mfgr Co, Statesville North Carolina, Speedball USA, Measures 2.25 dia and is 2.25 inches tall. Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink, clear oz dropper bottle with black and white elaborate label. Some specks of ink on the label, but overall not too bad and quite unusual. early 1950s, clear glass rectangular bottle with ribbed sides, black metal screw on lid with Parker imprint in silver. Blue Black, no ink, Illustration of Parker 51 fountain pen on label.

We also have a number of older ink bottles that still contain useable fountain pen inks which many fountain pen aficionados prefer over modern day inks.

In addition to our selection of vintage ink bottles on this page, you'll also find related items such as ink eraser fluids, rubber stamp inks and traveling ink bottle containers. 274 Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink - clear 1.5 ounce cylindrical bottle with light blue, dark blue, red and yellow label. This bottle would have originally had a cork stopper, but the stopper is missing. Measures 1.75 inches diameter and is 2 3/8 inches tall. I1028 Visco Ink Bottle - I1028Visco Ink, Visco Chemical Products Co, Cleveland, OH - clear 4 oz ink bottle with cork stopper (no adornment on top, just a cork).

I1544 Waterman's Ideal Blue Black Ink Bottle, ca. Box shows shop wear and top flaps are missing, 2 ounce cylindrical clear glass bottle embossed black bakelite lid - Ideal Globe Waterman's Turn to Remove. Ink stain on about half of the outer edge of the cap. The front states that this is for marking on all fabrics and many other materials, it is waterproof, laundry proof and not affected by salt water.

The small clear glass bottle with black metal screw on lid has some ink residue inside.

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