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However, those campus hearings are not legal trials, and administrators cannot put an abuser in jail or issue legal protective orders.

It’s important to keep in mind that victims of college dating violence have options outside of campus resources, too.

A victim of domestic violence may feel that coming forward would threaten her or his social reputation, or would “ruin the life” of a prominent campus figure (though, of course, it was that prominent figure who broke the law).

Social media now plays an increased role, as teenagers and college students have the opportunity to covertly bully and threaten victims online.

Sadly, college campuses are not always the safe havens they should be.

Domestic violence is a serious and widespread issue for college students across North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Colleges and universities have the duty to investigate instances of domestic violence among their students and to take measures to protect victims from their abusers.

Instances of domestic violence tend to occur at home (or perhaps in a residence hall) at night, when there are less likely to be witnesses.

Moreover, on campus, stalkers and abusers are even likely to have keycard access to the victim’s residence.

An astonishing 35% of those victims reported that the rape occurred while on a date.

Here are other NCADV Domestic Violence on College Campuses Statistics: As you can see, statistics on domestic violence and rape at colleges and universities are staggering.

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