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Maybe called Motown’s mystery group because of membership turnover.

Their pictures can range from three to five members – usually several tall, robust girls and always, a true little beauty – the diminutive, adorable, wicked Wanda Young. The early three were sung by the raucous Gladys Horton, who recently died: “Please Mr.

They ruled the charts in 1940-41 with music our parents loved. I agree with Fred Bay, a lor of people should know when to quit….there were some Fine Lady Orlons, Shaking their Watusis, and the bus driver; with hits “Oh Mi” and “Oh Baby” still perfectly resounding. Now in August 1950, when I was still 9 years old, the original “Mona Lisa” and “Goodnight Irene” were the songs that got me interested in the charts.

Ray with Glenn Miller and Bob with Jimmy Dorsey (and Helen O’Connell) recorded a fusillade of 68 total hits ! I picked, to represent Ray, three tunes which were revived much later; “My Prayer”, “Blueberry Hill”, and “At Last”. Ray was a beloved romantic crooner but was unable to sustain any kind of solo career when Frank Sinatra (and Perry Como) achieved domination. A bit more upbeat and dashing, the Dorsey- Eberly – O’Connell tunes swept the charts throughout 1941. I loved “Mona Lisa”, my mother favored “Irene”, and a neighbor told me about the “Hit Parade”, which rated them.

But gambling addiction ruined his career and shortened his brilliant life.

He lost all his labels and money to some very bad gang collectors. But here (playlist) is some of the beautiful music by his best groups.

He heard in Wanda’s laid-back voice a subtle “Sleeping Giant”. He wrote a dozen irresistible songs for her including The Marvelettes’ last three big hits from 1966-67: “Don’t Mess with Bill”, “The Hunter gets Captured by the Game”, and “My Baby Must be a Magician”. I want you to hear – these hits ranged from about #35 to #60 but they are all huge in my memory book !!

“Yours” and “You Belong to My Heart” show the group’s skill with Latin-type beats. If you like, you can close your eyes and picture them. Three women and one guy, Steve Caldwell, the “Frog” voice. ) After the hits stopped, “Frog Voiced” Caldwell became a school bus driver. The last 2 songs “Ride” and “I Really Love You” were not big hits, but the singers personal favorites. I waited a long time for this stuff to become available, and it adds happiness to my life. Notice that in his early hits, Reeves sang in a higher , thinner voice.

“Maria Elena” was the #2 song the week of Fred Bay’s birth, in a very different original version by Jimmy Dorsey. In case you did not hear enough Flamingos material to fill out at least four albums (48 songs), making this group his most productive venture.

(The Flamingos had already released at least 24 singles on various labels from 1953-58before joining Goldner.

“Could be Magic - 1957”, “Chapel of Dreams - 1958”: The Dubs beautiful “Could this be Magic” is the biggest hit on this list – a favorite slow dance in winter 1957. I prefer the three minor hits here, from Lymon’s only big year 1956.

Enjoy he the sorry fun on “ABCs of Love”, and Lymon’s double denial on “I’m Not a Know It All” and “ I’m not a Juvenile Delinquent”. Oh yes you were, Dude and that’s why your career died young and so did you…

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