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He knew what they had just chatted about, he warned, and they were not to take their story to anyone, including the police.[partner id="arstechnica"]Amy, terrified by her stalker's eerie knowledge, contacted campus police.Officers were dispatched to her room, where they took down Amy's story and asked her questions about the incident.This episode explores facial recognition technology and its use in law enforcement, homes, and casinos.An innocent man tells his story after facial recognition technology incorrectly tied him to a bank robbery and how it has ruined his life, leaving him homeless.Also, technology used to protect children online and catch the perpetrators is shown, and a pedophile reveals the reasons for his addiction.This episode explores a woman who believes she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity; a man who suffered a massive stroke and is now paralyzed, who uses technology to improve and aid in his life; and a woman who deserted her family to join an online cult.The two students exchanged instant messages about Amy's apparent stalker, trying to figure out what had happened.

The fact that Dark Net never allows you to entirely pin down its perspective keeps the proceedings riveting."The central theme is biohacking, including a woman who implants an RFID chip in her hand and a man who lost an eye in accident replacing it with a camera.Instead, Amy contacted her boyfriend Dave, who had been storing the naked photos on his own computer.(Note: victim names have been changed in this story).As for Dave, he suffered increased fear, anxiety, confusion, and anger; he later told a court that even his But who had the mysterious stalker been?And how did he have access both to the contents of Dave's computer and to private discussions with police that Amy conducted in the privacy of her own room? Around the same time, a Los Angeles area juvenile named Sara received an instant message from a screen name that looked almost identical to her boyfriend's.

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