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Armani's peole: please bring back the original juice and stop reformulation. I have noticed the more expensive colognes today are not nearly as masculine as the classic older colognes i have worn.

This Armani code brand seems to be the most popular selling cologne.

It smells fresh and sweet and a little bit powdery and would be perfect for the evening or romantic nights out with your girlfriend.

Armani Code 2008 (4 SPRAYS from my old bottle) Smell: 10/10 (Tonka Bean with tobacco give sexy vibe) Dry down: 10/10 (Every passing hour becomes and more sexy) Longevity: 8/10 (6-8 HOURS) Projection: 8/10 (Moderate type , 3 hours and something more ) Compliments: 10/10 (Just a perfect TEN) Armani Code 2017 (4 SPRAYS) Smell: 8/10 (They change the scent , is more cream and more sweet) Dry down: 8/10 (Every passing hour becomes very creamy) Longevity: 5/10 (3-4 hours skin scent , after that almost nothing) Projection: 5/10 (I think is to soft , maybe 1 hour and something) Compliments: 5/10 (They can't detect easy) Armani code general is a LADY KILLER believe me ,the ladies get obsession and they want to smell it all the time , BUT you must found a old bottle to understand the real Armani Code..... Projection is really good for the first hour then it starts becoming a skin scent. Longevity : 6/10 Projection : 6/10 Sillage : 8/10 Overall : 9/10 ( just because of the performance issues) I recommend it highly especially if you can spray it more than once a day.

I've experienced so many fragrances but nothing has ever done it for me like Armani Code. Excellent for someone who is easily put off by fragrances. Does anyone know what year the reformulation(s) occurred? This is one of the two or three fragrances I have bought more than once.Longevity is above average on my skin (7-9 hours) with strong projection for 2-3 hours. I've received many compliments while wearing this and it's one I turn to in the fall and winter. When you put this on it changes your state of mind, you transcend into the ultimate alpha male. They just qant to beat every other woman to the punch and get your name number and if your rockin the manitude you'll be rewarded with much more. My all time favourite scent, I'd bathe in it if I could. It smells pretty decent really as a powdery sweet, touch of leather and spice frag.oh man i went looking for a new cologne when i started dating my wife. Only con is that it's very popular so a lot of men wear it. This is literally one of the best scents I have in my collection. The top note is breathtaking and as soon as I hug my girlfriend it's over. Not bad as an everyday scent and the notes for me really do blend well together as not 1 stands out above the rest.I like the updated packaging with the textured "belt" and magnetic closure.Dear all, I used to wear this one back in 2011 and considering that during these days of early Novemeber after 6 years I was a little bit melancholic I wanted to wear it again so I bought a new bottle.

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