Bp dating

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The tree ring atmospheric radiocarbon calibration data set spanning 0 to 12,410 years BP is superior to all other atmospheric radiocarbon calibration data due to the number and quality of the radiocarbon measurements and the accuracy and precision of the tree dendrochronology (Stuiver et al., 1998; Reimer et al., 2004).

The Fairbanks curve (Fairbanks et al., 2005; 2007) and Int Cal04 curve (Reimer et al., 2004) use the same tree ring data set from 0 to 12,410 cal yr B. and the two different radiocarbon calibration programs yield nearly identical results over this interval (See Cal Pal web site for a comparison).

It is unclear when the next internationally ratified calibration curve will be approved but it is presumably many years away.

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The curve will be updated every year on Jan 1 and versions are identified as Fairbanks followed by the month and year such as Fairbanks0107 for the upcoming version.Extension of the C record beyond the 0 to 11,900 year long tree ring record is well underway, being measured in many different archives, and undoubtedly an enormous amount of scientific knowledge will stem from these studies.In our laboratory, we have overlapped and extended the tree-ring radiocarbon calibration from 3,000 to 55,000 yrs.Over this time interval, the Caricao data set used by Int Cal04 differs by more than 200 years from the tree ring and our coral calibration data.The photo images of the Cariaco sediment layering (Hughen et al., 2004) shows very weak to indistinct layers in the 13,250 to 14,000 year interval where the offset of Cariaco data with the tree ring and coral data sets is most apparent.

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