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Your “favorite” late-night host whose new show you have never seen? Remember how Conan ends every monologue by saying “We have a great show tonight”? It’s hard to take him at his word, because not every show has been great. Like Egypt’s Mubarak, Libya’s Qaddafi, and reality TV’s Paris Hilton, “Crazy” Jackie was so drunk on power that she didn’t foresee her ousting via revolution. I can’t wait until the inevitable episode in which Frank ushers this relationship to a dramatic close with a drunken rampage. And how close is he to moving to Idaho to become a farmer because no one watches him on TBS? This week’s GFTFL Top Five is the top five things that “Crazy” Jackie said that would never come out of the mouth of a non-psychotic person, listed in order from “Meh, that’s not that bad” to “Who is this woman and what does she look like because I need to be on watch at all times”: 5. Hey, Dylan, propose to this woman before she realizes that 99.5 percent of males are better looking, better hangs, and better lays. Frank, who is “curbing his drinking” at the insistence of his therapist, cried when his boyfriend, Michael, left the house (20 points).

I always called you "my sweet angel" and now you truly are.

When they confronted Queen “Crazy” Jackie as a group (5 5 5 verbal fighting points = 15 points), she reacted the only way she knows how — with unfiltered, unadulterated, unbridled crazy talk. “If I am going away, and even if I go for only three days, my hubby is coming.” 3. Somehow this fella Dylan took Priscilla to Pound Town (25 points).

The other “wives” gathered to discuss their relationship with “Queen Bee” Jackie and learned that she had been isolating them, lying to them, and turning them against each other. When he feels for one second that you might actually have grown tired of his refusals and moved on, do you know where you are going? Pimples, red hair, freckles, no sign of facial hair — the guy was a pair of broken glasses away from a Halloween costume.

"Knight, there were so many times we argued and screamed...

But it always ended in a hug and a kiss and telling each other how much we loved each other," she said.

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