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(The further north listeners often miss out in normal CLEs, especially in the summertime when there is very little sky wave propagation for them).

Better would be a Great Circle map centred on your location - you should find that good and very easy to download and use. Locator), choose a distance and click on ‘Create Map’.

However, often these 'disruptions' are not as dire as they first appear and MF propagation can remain robust or even be enhanced.

Listeners in Canada and the northern states as well as those in northern Europe will have a much better chance of logging the Arctic beacons.

The next CLE event will be the special Christmas holiday event and includes two challenges!

CLE 226 covers any NDB north of the Arctic Circle, while CLE 227 is a 'bearing' event, with each listener chosing a particular bearing from their receiving location and seeing how many beacons can be heard from states, provinces or countries through which that bearing slices!

As well, you can follow the results of other CLE participants from night to night as propagation is always an active topic of discussion.

Our Amateur Radio and the Maker Community post defined our stance that the future of ham radio is in experimentation and learning.

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If you are interested in building a system for the new ( a great place to learn more about the 'Art of NDB DXing' or to meet other listeners in your region.There is a lot of good information available there and new members are always very welcome.S.) 630m band, the CLE will give you the chance to test out your MF receiving capabilities and compare against what others in your area might be hearing. NDB identifiers approximately 1 k Hz higher or lower than the published transmitted frequency since these beacons are modulated with a 1020 Hz tone approximately.When tuning for NDBs, put your receiver in the CW mode and listen for the NDB's CW identifier, repeated every few seconds. All NDBs heard in North America will be listed in the RNA database (updated daily) while those heard in Europe may be found in the REU database.

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